College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts.

At OSU, our students are creative, passionate and deliberate. They have big dreams and even bigger hearts. They have the brilliance to see the changes the world needs — and the courage to make them.

Sound like you? We think so.


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Change Makers

Here, our students test ideas, nurture talents, sharpen minds, and envision futures. They work hard because they’re determined to see things through.

Our students graduate to success in concert halls, corner offices and hospitals. They transform classrooms, state capitals, neighborhoods and even ecosystems.

Are you ready to join them?

Then let’s get to work.

A Liberal Arts Degree in 4 Years, Guaranteed

The Liberal Arts Experience

The Liberal Arts Advantage

Take what you love to the next level. No matter what moves you – from political science, psychology or public policy, to new media, English or music – the College of Liberal Arts at Oregon State University can give you the skills and expertise to grow and thrive. We offer 22 majors and 32 minors, career counseling for all our students, and the chance to learn from world-class faculty who care about making a difference.

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